Elina Kadaja

Elina Kadaja

Certified MER Practitioner

Hello beautiful people! My name is Elina Kadaja and I’m a Trauma Release Specialist.

I’m a curious soul who’s hugely passionate about learning and sharing techniques of breath work and meditation that are designed to get people back in touch with their body and feelings.

As is often the case, my journey down this professional path was born from my own traumatic life experiences.

8 years ago I was in horrible situation in Iraq where i was basically held captive and subjected to emotional and physical abuse for two years of my life.

As you can imagine this experience led to some serious PTSD and a range of other emotional pain.

Commonly, the gift of deep pain is the potential for immense personal growth. Not wanting to become a victim of my life, I chose to take action and reclaim my power and my life.

My journey of personal growth and empowerment led me to study resonating elements of alternative medicine in fields such as tantra, yoga and shamanism.

Im so grateful to look in the mirror these days and see a happy, grounded, strong and empowered woman looking back.

I owe this beautiful reflection of me, to my journey, and to all experiences that brought me here; i now see all of those experiences, the so called ‘good bad and ugly’ as necessary signposts to direct me to my calling, and I’m grateful for them all.

In Estonia I’m known for giving workshops and one-on-one healing sessions for trauma release, where troubled people come to me to rid themselves of chronic anxiety and depression, but also to have better self confidence and sex life.