Free weekly sessions offered by the MER community on Meditation, Movement, Breathwork and Self Massage.

Join our monthly sessions with Myofascial Energetic Release lead faculty to learn and ask questions.

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Fascia, the Power of Love: Release Difficult Feelings and Connect to the Positive Emotions (work with the superficial fascia)

07 Jul, 2024

Fascia, the Power of Love: Release the tension, Unwinding, What is Holding my Head ? (work on chest and neck)

14 Jul, 2024

Fascia, the Power of Love: Stillness, Melt the Barier, Moving forward, I have right to be here (work on legs and chest)

21 Jul, 2024

What will you experience?

We would like to invite you to join for a series of free online classes focused on mindfulness, movement, and self-care practices. In these classes, we will explore meditation, gentle movement, breathwork, and self-massage techniques to help you relax, restore, and connect with your body and mind. Whether you are a beginner or have experience with these practices, all are welcome. These classes are completely free, and no prior experience is necessary.So, if you are looking to nourish your body, calm your mind, and connect with others on a similar journey, please join us for these free online classes. Let’s take some time to slow down, breathe, and take care of ourselves.

Myofascial Energetic Release
Myofascial Energetic Release

The man behind Myofascial Release

For 5 decades Satyarthi Peloquin followed his curiosity, passion and integrity to emerge as one of the most masterful bodyworkers in the world. Satyarthi has trained over 10,000 people to thrive as bodywork professionals and teachers during the last 40 years.

In receiving bodywork to alleviate his own chronic pain as a professional dancer, Satyarthi discovered his True calling: to engage the multi-dimensional aspects of chronic and acute physical pain by focusing on the root cause: spasms in the soft-tissue – The Fascia.

Satyarthi gained his vast knowledge by studying diverse methods of bodywork as well as receiving teachings from teachers on the leading edge of personal human development. Satyarthi’s longing to discover how to restore harmony of daily living, led him to land at the Osho Commune International in Pune, India, where he gave several bodywork sessions to the great master Osho himself. During that period of great creativity and experimentation, he co-created the world famous and unique bodywork technique called Rebalancing.

Later, he created “Myofascial Energetic Release“, an in-depth and holistic form of bodywork  for which he is recognize world wide.

Satyarthi's Facilitator Team

Ketu Bo

  • Certified MER Practitioner
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Julia Szczepaniszyn

  • Certified MER Practitioner
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Jakub Radziwoniuk

  • Certified MER Practitioner
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Michal Klimek

  • MER Practitioner in Training
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