Ewa Skwarczynska

Ewa Skwarczynska

Certified MER Practitioner

Already as a little girl I felt a strong connection to my own body. I listened to its gentle whispers, trying to find the meaning of its never-ending palette of feelings and sensations.

By education I am a Master of Psychology and at the very beginning of my studies I felt the calling to develop myself in therapeutic work, which included the captivating and complex interdependency between what’s physical, intellectual, emotional and energetical.

To me MER was love at the first touch. It accompanied me on my fascinating journey of self-transformation and it brought revolutions into my life. I learned this powerful method in Elemental Bodywork (France and Greece) and Integral Body Institute (Poland). I also assist my teacher, Satyarthi Peloquin, during trainings, to keep developing my skills and keep learning from the founder of this method.

I feel profound gratitude for having the opportunity to share MER with others, to witness healing and beautiful transformations which it brings into their bodies and lives.