Frank Nøyseth

Frank Nøyseth

Certified MER Practitioner

From an early age my interests in electronics and economics led me to a BA in computer science and a MA in economics, and I had my professional career as an officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces until I retired at the age of 57 in 2022.

I began to study and practice massage first as a hobby in 2003. I soon became aware that massage was not only about touching people’s physical, but also their emotional bodies. And when talking with clients, I could sometimes also touch their spiritual bodies, metaphorically speaking. A massage session can therefore play a part in changing the life story of the client, and when this happens, the massage is not only blissful for the client receiving it, but also for the massage therapist giving it.

Osho is quoted as having said that massage is 90 % love and 10 % technique. Which qualities do a massage therapist need to have to be felt representing love by the client? What is love? Questions like this inspired me to read books on psychology to learn more about issues concerning of course love, but also friendships, family relations, romantic relationships, sexuality and self-consciousness. As I believe that healing our own emotional wounds is mandatory to being able to help clients heal themselves and because this is not possible through reading only, I began my personal journey taking more courses in massage and gestalt therapy. I also started dancing tango and going to retreats. In 2006-2009 I followed a personal development program called “The Forgotten Child” and in 2009-2012 a second personal development program called “Soulmate Tantra Training” with my wife. In 2018 I took one course of “BBTRS”® alongside taking all the modules of Myofascial Energetic Release 2017-2024. In 2019 I started dancing biodanza and in 2023 I took my first course in Tantric massage. The Myofascial Energetic Release technique and the wisdom behind it, has helped me understand more of how our life stories can be part of our tissues, our muscles, our nervous system, our hormones and the very environment of our cells. In addition the Myofascial Energetic Release technique has helped me in aquiring tools and ways to help people on their journey towards a more wholesome relationship with their own bodies and life stories.

For the time being I offer sessions in my home on Wednesdays and Thursdays, or I can visit your home, or a location of your choice, with my portable massage table. I can also offer sessions in the centre of Oslo on the same days after further agreement. Just email me and we make an appointment.