Mateusz Jedrzejewski

Mateusz Jedrzejewski

Certified MER Practitioner

I support my clients on the path of self-discovery and healing, happening through the Body with the use of touch, breath, inquiry, and meditation. At the core of my work, I hold how emotional and energetical patterns are reflected in the body, as various tensions and pains. Working with those layers of clients’ experience not only brings the release of traumas but also supports the expansion of the client’s awareness and strengthens the connection to the Self. Over the last years, I have been working as a body therapist in the modality of Myofascial Energetic Release and breathwork facilitator in the Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System. I have also done education in a group practice called Circling (interpersonal, relational mediation) and currently I am taking part in the program of Compassionate Inquiry by Gabor Mate and Bodynamics – somatic psychotherapy approach. Besides individual work with clients, I am facilitating various group workshops mostly within the fields of breathwork, touch, meditation, authenticity, presence, and intimacy.

TESTIMONIALS ”Mateusz radiates a very deep and truthful presence that encourages the entire system to trust and allow for releases of long-held patterns of control. After the session, I felt very much grounded in my natural flow of life, trustful to breathe deeper and enjoy more. I highly recommend working with him.”

”I can definitely recommend sessions with Mateusz. He creates a space where you can feel safe, seen, and taken care of. Even though he works on areas that can be tense and painful, he massages with love and care. His attention is with you and his calmness infects you.”

Your physical and emotional well-being deserves care.

Hugs, Mateusz