Maze Fly

Maze Fly

Certified MER Practitioner

I am Maze. Through intensive sports practice, Yoga, Tantra, body contact, and breathing I find my way into more awareness in my feeling and acting in this world. There was/is something about touch that moves me…

There is still something about dancing that moves me. My dance with life changes.

Through giving and receiving massages, working as a masseur in combination with vegan cooking & dancing, later just massaging & dancing, looking for more depth, feeling more, falling deeper, and standing up straight again… I am now exactly where I must be! Bodywork like MER-Myofascial Energetic Release has enabled me to create that deep connection with myself.

I feel that there is a lot of healing power in every form of touch. When this happens from an open, loving heart, energy can only flow in greater abundance.

I wish this to everyone. Flow, move.

Through my massages & bodywork, I hope to touch you, wherever you are and however you feel. Love, Maze