Miriam Hlavaty

Miriam Hlavaty

Certified MER Practitioner

I was trained as a musician and my fascination with bodywork, anatomy and Fascia began when trying to find solutions to lengthy work-related strain-injuries. When we are in pain the quest for a cure can sometimes bring us to unexpected places.

For me, this quest sent me into the vast landscape of anatomy, neurology, movement analysis and most of all: a deep-dive into the fascinating world of Fascia.

The study of Fascia (a part of the Connective tissue system of the body), was my way into a deeper understanding of the physiological reality behind terms like «embodiment» and «body-mind connection». Growing up in an over-sensitive body with frequent bouts of sickness and chronic pains gave me an intuitive understanding of how emotional and mental states affect (and is affected by) the physical states of the body. But it was only after studying Fascia, through a wide variety of angles including workshops, education, research and dissection that I understood the actual physical connections which this fascinating system of tissues creates, – and how it connects and influences our muscles, our nervous system, our hormones and the very environment of our cells.

We live in a fluid body which is constantly changing and adapting: to our personal physical and emotional surroundings as well as to our own inner climate of experiences, psychological holding patterns, conscious and unconscious postural habits and neurological survival strategies.

In my practice I use my knowledge and understanding of these connections within the body and the mind to help clients improve their quality of life and live with greater ease.
As a musician and trained practitioner in Timani – a method for enhanced movement coordination and retraining for musicians – I also offer bodywork sessions specifically targeting the ailments of musicians.

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