Nicolas Paquié

Nicolas Paquié

Certified MER Practitioner

It is a rich and varied journey that led me to massages and yoga. Here is a very short version of this journey.

I followed a traditional course of study to become a mechanical and design engineer and worked in the industry for 10 years until 2016. I started practicing Yoga in 2010 and started a Yoga teacher training in 2015. I taught from 2017 to 2020. Today I don’t teach anymore but strangely enough I got on the path of deepening my practice even more.

I do massage therapy since 2018 which is my main activity today. I first trained in about 12 different Spa techniques such as Swedish, Californian, Balineese, Lomi-Lomi, Thai foot massage, Japanese face massage and so on. Then I dived into Deep Tissue derived from swedish. I explored the Tantric massages. And I finally discovered MER early 2021 and been practicing it in most my massages since then.

I design my session mixing all my knowledge to fit with the clients needs, from very deep to soft and nurturing.