Breathe Life into Every Moment

Breathe Life into Every Moment: The Surprising Benefits of Harnessing the Power of Breath

by Nisarga Dobosz - April 24, 2024

As a leading Biodynamic Breathwork facilitator since 2009, I have witnessed the remarkable transformation that occurs when we tap into the incredible power of the breath. The purpose of this article is to inspire you to embrace deeper, more conscious breathing, recognizing the lifechanging benefits it can have. In today's world, breathwork has emerged as a rapidly growing industry within the field of holistic health - it is often referred to as the "new Yoga." Breathwork schools are springing up like mushrooms after rain, offering diverse methods that cater to various experiences and purposes.

Just a decade ago, there were only a few pioneering methods available to the public, such as Holotropic Breathwork, Rebirthing Breathwork, Biodynamic Breathwork or yogic pranayama techniques. Each of these modalities served its unique purpose and focused on different aspects of the breath. However, as a Trauma Facilitator, I find it crucial to highlight the significance of Biodynamic Breathwork and the Trauma Release System, founded by Giten Tonkov. This Breathwork is a powerful tool, especially in therapy for trauma healing, as it yields remarkably fast results.

In Biodynamic Breathwork, we use breath as a key element to charge the body with resources and seek safe emotional expression from past experiences that are stored within us. This process allows for the completion of the flight, fight, or freeze responses that might have been interrupted in the body, leading to dysfunction in our nervous system's coping mechanisms. During a Biodynamic Breathwork session, participants often experience a wide range of emotions, from tears and anger to joy and bliss. The magic of breath lies in its ability to bypass the conscious mind and ego, allowing us to access unconscious expressions and emotions.

In the transformative journey of BBTRS, we don't need to intellectualize or understand the content of the emotions expressed; instead, we trust in the body's wisdom for self-regulation and healing. As a beautiful side effect, we may tap into memories or images from the past that had been stored in the memory cache. Sometimes, a single session can create profound shifts, while other times, a series of sessions over weeks or months may be needed to allow the plasticity of our nervous system to self-regulate and build enough resilience to process those past memories. 

Patience, love, and presence with ourselves are essential throughout this healing journey. As we embrace the power of breath, we come to understand its vital force in trauma recovery and overall health. The breath becomes a gentle guide, leading us towards emotional release and a sense of freedom from past burdens. With each conscious breath, we breathe life into every moment, experiencing the profound interconnectedness of our mind, body, and spirit.

In summary, the power of breath is truly awe-inspiring. Through breathwork, we access the depths of our being, unleashing the potential for healing and transformation. As a trauma work expert, I encourage you to explore the magic of breath and its ability to unlock resilience, inner peace, and a brighter tomorrow. Embrace the gift of breath, and let it become your steadfast companion on the journey towards profound self-discovery and healing.

Now is the perfect moment to begin your journey of harnessing the power of breath. There is no need to wait for the "right" time; the present moment is all we have. Take a gentle pause and witness the sensations that arise within you as you read these words. Feel the temperature and moisture of your breath as it flows through your nose, and become aware of the subtle gaps between each inhale and exhale. Sink into your being, fully relaxing in this precious moment.

Embrace the magic of your breath as it intertwines with the rhythms of life, and allow it to guide you towards a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Nisarga Dobosz

Author - Nisarga Dobosz

Certified MER Practitioner & Trainer