Emotional Synergy

Emotional Synergy: Integrating Feelings for Holistic Health and Well-Being

by Nisarga Dobosz - April 24, 2024

We are all born with the innate capacity to feel. It is an integral part of our nature, the essence of what makes us human. Our emotions are in constant flux; like the everchanging seasons of nature.

They take us on a journey, a cyclical path that leads us from fear to anger, from sadness to joy, through highs and lows. This emotional cycle, although universal, can vary in its duration and intensity for each person, based on their unique personality and life experiences. By allowing ourselves to connect with the present moment, here and now, we are able to draw ourselves back to the heart, where happiness resides. 

From the earliest days of our lives, we learn to navigate the complex landscape of our emotions. We discover that certain feelings are more readily accepted and encouraged by society, while others are met with disapproval or indifference. To fit in and feel loved by our parents or caregivers, we often suppress our true emotional selves. This ongoing process can result in an inability to fully experience and express our feelings, particularly those connected to past traumatic events, whether they are developmental or shock traumas.

At this point, an important question arises: is the expression of feelings always beneficial? To answer this, let’s turn to the perspective of our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Sometimes, our default emotional responses may be linked to trauma vortexes, keeping us trapped in cycles of grief, anger, or fear. These emotions may be triggered even when there is no real danger or reason for them to surface. Our nervous system instinctively reacts with one of the well-known responses: Fight, Flight, or Freeze. 

The key here is to recognize the quality of the emotional response, and guide ourselves (or the person we are working with) away from a trauma vortex of default or “triggered” emotions, to a place of stability, and resourcing in the body, and in the safety of the present moment. This shift enables the emotional surge to lessen as we reorient to the present primary feelings in the here and now. It may be the same emotion, but as it rises in a safe, present space, we are able to experience it differently, and create resilience within our nervous system. 

This journey of moving through past experiences with full presence and resourcing is a powerful and transformative experience. It allows us to confront our past traumas and express our primary feelings authentically and lovingly. Many years ago, my own quest for spiritual growth arose from a desire to feel again. My life had become dull, disconnected, and unfulfilling. I made a conscious decision to embark on a journey to heal my childhood traumas by uncovering and reconnecting with my true emotions. Perhaps you have been, or are feeling called to embark on a similar journey.

Take a moment now, close your eyes, and bring your awareness to your body and breath. Ask yourself: what are you feeling in this very moment? From moment to moment, allow yourself to experience and express your primary feelings in an authentic and loving way. When you open the door to authentic emotional expression and embrace your feelings with compassion, life will respond by showering you with countless blessings. As someone who has spent the last two decades as a Breathwork (BBTRS) and Bodywork (MER) therapist, working with thousands of people I have seen time and again the transformative power of integrating feelings for holistic health and well-being.

Embrace your emotions in the safety of your body, for they are the gateway to your true self and the key to a more vibrant, fulfilling life. 

Nisarga Dobosz

Author - Nisarga Dobosz

Certified MER Practitioner & Trainer