Please read about the mandatory details for your profile submission.

1.) A good quality picture of yourself.

The minimum size for this photo is 500 by 500 pixels and please have a look at the examples below and read the instructions so that we can easily and efficiently create the profile for you. The maximum file size for the upload of your profile photo is 4 megabyte. The file type needs to be either jpg or png.

Here are some examples of bad profile images and good ones! Full body images are not suitable. Dark images are not suitable. Blurry and pixelated images are not suitable. The format of your image needs to be a square (not rectangle) and your face should be clearly visible and not too small.

Bad examples

Photo One Incorrect

Too dark and not full face.

Photo Two Incorrect

Too dark and not square.

Photo Three Incorrect

Too artistic.

Photo Four Incorrect

Too far away and wrong orientation.

Photo Five Incorrect

Too blurry.

Photo Eight Incorrect

Too cheesy & bad cropping.

Good examples

Photo Seven Correct
Photo Six Correct

Only the last example photos meet our specifications.

Please keep in mind that even the best photo is not suitable for your profile if you send it in a too small resolution/size and not in a square shape. 600px by 600px is the minimum size we need!

2.) Your details

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your country *
  • Your town *

We give you the option to add 2 countries so you can be listed in two countries in case you frequently travel to another country.

3.) Further details

  • Your BIO. A longer text is fine as long it is related to your work as a bodyworker and your work with MER. In general it makes sense to keep this all short. Maybe you have a website where people can read more?
  • Your website URL (optional)
  • Your telephone number (optional)
  • Your WhatsApp number (optional)
  • Your Instagram profile URL (optional)
  • Your Facebook page URL (optional)
  • Your LinkedIn profile URL (optional)
  • Your skype name (optional)

Feel free to add more details to the bio text, if your preferred social media platforms are not covered here. We think that keeping it short and easy to read is very suitable for your entry.

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